Custom CMS to reduce school admin

We are often asked what makes our school websites stand out from the rest? Whilst we take great pride in the custom designs we offer schools, the area we have invested most of our time in has been our bespoke CMS system.

We understand that school resources can be quite stretched which means administration tasks need to be as easy as possible. Our system is built very much with this in mind, implementing a carefully designed user interface. Schools can have multiple logins, with varying levels of admin rights.

Over the years many agencies have relied on WordPress as the ‘go-to’ CMS system. We used to do this ourselves. They can offer many different widgets and plugins which can work for some businesses. What they don’t do is create a solution bespoke to a target audience, in this case the education sector.

Before spending close to 12 months developing our system, we carried out a wide range of research on school websites. This included speaking to students, teachers and parents. We wanted to find out what each group wanted from the website and how we could help use the most modern technology to make their life easy.

School staff said they wanted a clear dashboard where they could find sections easily and not worry about breaking anything.

We are based in the North East but work with schools across UK and Ireland. We are more than happy to visit your school to give a live demonstration of the CMS system and show how the website would look with your school branding.

Contact us on 01642 955681 for more information or email