School Website Design & Development

Built with schools in mind


We are passionate about developing creative designs on all of our school websites. Our process involves designing website wireframes to demonstrate how your new site will look on multiple devices.

At this stage we begin to look more at the user journey. We want every website user to enjoy the experience of the website and never struggle to find the page they need.

If available, we will also analyse your current web data. If this research shows a certain device or browser is most prominent we will ensure that this is carefully considered.

When we started building websites, understandably, everything was built for desktop computers. Web browsing trends have changed considerably over recent years. We know that mobile phones and tablets are what most people view websites on and this needs to be reflected in the design.


We have a team of experienced web developers that work hard to future proof our websites. The way we structure our pricing allows for new features and developments to be added to your school website, keeping the site up to date with the latest technologies.

Trends move quickly in web development, so it is important and we  stay at the cutting edge of any advances.

CMS Solutions

We are often asked what makes our school websites stand out from the rest? Whilst we take great pride in the custom designs we offer schools, the area we have invested most of our time in has been our bespoke CMS platform.

We understand that school resources can be quite stretched which means administration tasks need to be as easy as possible. Our system is built very much with this in mind, implementing a carefully designed user interface. Schools can have multiple logins, with varying levels of admin rights. Before spending close to 12 months developing our system, we carried out a wide range of research on school websites. This included speaking to students, teachers and parents.

We wanted to find out what each group wanted from the website and how we could help use the most modern technology to make their life easy. School staff said they wanted a clear dashboard where they could find sections easily and not worry about breaking anything.


Prior to launching the website we ensure your website meets the every-changing requirements set by Ofsted. We know that the school website is an important part of the Ofsted inspection. We will keep you up to date with any changes in the standards set.


When your website is ready to go live we will provide comprehensive training on how to update the site. This is usually in workshop format or online tutorials but can be adapted depending on your school needs. As a business we believe in trying to create a personal relationship with our schools. We are available on phone and email if you have any queries.


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